Auto Industry Sustainability is a non-for-profit project from Autoebid. It will be the first ever analysis and comparison tool which will give the green credentials of new ultra low carbon cars, so users will be able make the necessary rational decisions when it comes to purchasing a new ultra-low carbon cars.

We aim to make AIS an important tool for any car lover. The car industry will be changing over the next decade and we aim to help make this transition as smooth as possible. Some of the changes will come from the auto industry, from government and manufacturers.

AIS will help to create a database to facilitate the new car buyer of the future.  No longer will a car be chosen purely on the basis of how fast it is or what new gismos are on it – the future will require us to know more about where the car came from, the complete breakdown of its carbon footprint at every step of manufacturing. So we can make an informed decision and have confidence in the manufacturers production methods.

We believe this information will become very important in years to come – and new green car buyers should be able find out the level of sustainability with regards to their future green car.

Pioneering company Telsa, who are at the forefront of the green technologies will be one of the first companies we will approach.  We will look to contact the supply chain departments of Telsa to get a full breakdown of their carbon footprint during the production process of the full range of products.

Eventually we want to have this crucial information from every manufacturer so we can provide the best free comparison tool for the future.